Some of our associate community have shared their experience…

  • “Avito act with real integrity and can be trusted to support their network of associates and clients. In-depth knowledge of the education industry gives them an understanding of pressures facing their clients; and they offer the best advice rather than simply managing the outcome to their advantage.”- Director of Education – Multi Academy Trust
  • “Working in an environment that is so crucial to the education of vulnerable groups, Avito have in depth knowledge of the industry and the skills required to lead complex SEMH provision - this is so important in ensuring we provide a high quality education to our students”- Executive Head – SEMH School
  • “High calibre consultants, full appreciation of the Client's needs, personal relationship, empathy and flexibility afforded to public sector financial constraints, outcomes delivered in partnership”- Head of School Improvement
  • “They are very customer focused and go the extra mile on a regular basis, providing a valuable input in ensuring we secure the right solution for what we actually need.”- Head of Inclusion
  • "Avito provide a flexible solution that's tailored to what we actually need - whether it's a full time consultant for large scale improvement work, or flexible/ad-hoc support. They providing a pricing model that is truly fit for purpose."- Multi Academy Trust CEO
  • “I like the proactive approach they take in working with their associate network - they have a quality led approach that means you're more than just a number”- Primary School Improvement Adviser
  • “I enjoy working with Avito - you get what it says on the tin!”- Secondary School Improvement Consultant
  • “They are reliable, have sincere integrity and know their markets - which is very helpful. As Director of Children's Services it's absolutely crucial we have access to industry leading education experts, and Avito have a real grasp on what good educational provision looks like”- Director of Children’s Services
  • “Avito have an ability to be both challenging and supportive when required which result in the provision of advice which is reliable and insightful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Avito as an organisation to work with.”- Assistant Director of Education
  • “Our experience with Avito has been first class. They endeavour to understand our requirements and ensure they deliver against them with relevant solutions. I have found them to be professional, flexible and accommodating in all aspects of our dealings.”- Director of Education
  • “Being new to consulting it has been very reassuring to have their expertise to help me. They have delivered results for me with a consistent high level of professionalism which has really aided me along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend Avito to any of my colleagues.”- Interim Secondary Headteacher
  • “They have always taken the time to understand my skill sets and quickly recognise assignments that are aligned to my technical and softer skills, translating to an impressive engagement ratio”- English Adviser and Inspection Consultant
  • “They are highly professional and provide a consistent, top quality service to myself and my clients. I would recommend them whole heartedly to both clients and colleagues.”- SEND Consultant – Local Area Inspection

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